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ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS Customizing Twenty Fourteen (Take Two!)

Twenty Fourteen is much more than a magazine theme. From blog to small business homepage, Twenty Fourteen does it all -- as these four sites show. más »

Por ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS, el 26-05-14.

ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS Win a Copy of The Year Without Pants

Download a free excerpt and test your WordPress trivia knowledge for a chance to win a copy of Scott Berkun's A Year Without Pants. más »

Por ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS, el 20-05-14.

ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS Writing Communities Connect Bloggers Across

Blogging is about both publishing and finding a community. These three writers' hubs bring together bloggers from all over the world. más »

Por ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS, el 19-05-14.


Fictive is about your style, your look, and your story. With plenty of ways to customize, it's a great option for a travel blog or personal website. más »

Por ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS, el 17-04-14.

ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS Four Features to Publish Your Poems

A roundup of tools in your Post Editor to help with formatting, spacing, and publishing your poems, just in time to begin National Poetry Writing Month. más »

Por ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS, el 01-04-14.

ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS Embed It: Using Media Like a Pro

From images and animation clips to recipes, savvy bloggers know that adding media to posts makes them much more engaging. Get inspired today with three embed options that add pop to your site. más »

Por ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS, el 27-03-14.

ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS Field Notes from Sweden: WebCoast 2014

Reporting back from a unique WebCoast conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, Happiness Engineer Karim Osman shares the view from the North. más »

Por ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS, el 19-03-14.

ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS Celebrating Irish Blogs and Bloggers on Saint Patrick’s Day

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Duit! Join us as we delight in Irish blogs and bloggers in celebration of Saint Patrick's Day. más »

Por ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS, el 17-03-14.

ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS Spring break? Travel blogs help you pack your bags.

Whether you're planning a trip around the world or just doing some armchair traveling, travel blogs are great for inspiration and recommendations. más »

ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS Make Your Blog More Dynamic with a Slider

Want your blog to be more eye-catching? Get things moving with a sleek post slider. más »

Por ANÓNIMOS Y CONOCIDOS, el 07-03-14.