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Lo pienso, lo escribo González Pons y la España que está como Portugal gobernando el PP

"España estaría como Portugal si hubiera continuado el PSOE en el Gobierno central (?) El país no ha tenido que ser intervenido ni pedir el rescate." Esteban González Pons, que no sabe que en español "rescate" se dice "lo que pasó ayer" You Say Tomato, I Say Bail más »

Arabatik Joker in Spain

Judge Dredd with Basques and Catalans, Jesse James with Spanish establishment S-Pain is in big troubles. Not only with the Eurogroup or with saying the word ?Bailout?. Economy is very important. Through months and years Spanish system has become unsustainable because of its dependency on bricks and .. más »

CRISIS ... How to get out of it?

Economía fácil CRISIS ... How to get out of it?

We have spent four years of crisis. So far, so good, the country grew, inflation was under control, unemployment declined ... as some people said, Spain was in the "champions league" of the economy. But ... what happened to arrive at the current situation? During these years we have heard about sub... más »